Low Speed Crash-Tested Bollards

1-800-Bollards: Crash Test 30 MPH

All across the United States drivers inadvertently, by design, or by accident crash into convenience stores, gas stations, propane gas stands, and store fronts every day.

Up until now, there have been no standards set on which type of barrier will prevent crashes like this from happening and causing millions in damage and injuries to innocent pedestrians and patrons.

1-800-Bollards: Crash Test 20 MPH

Typically, setting a pipe in the ground and filling it with cement would suffice. The challenge with installing a barrier system with pipe filled with cement is it simply does not work.

What type of footing is needed? How big of a bollard is needed? It is a guessing game that has gone on for years.
With the new ASTM F3016 low speed crash testing criteria in place, the guessing is over.

Below is 1-800 Bollards results of their recent crash test at Texas Transportation Institute
5000 lb. vehicle @ 10 mph – 4” removable bollard or fixed bollard 36” height
5000 lb. vehicle @ 20 mph – 6” removable bollard or fixed bollard 36” height
5000 lb. vehicle @ 30 mph – 8” removable bollard or fixed bollard 36” height

1-800-Bollards: Crash Test 10 MPH

These bollards have all been crash tested and passed the rigorous testing procedures of Texas Traffic Institute and ASTM.

Now, you have a choice and the knowledge of which bollard and footing can be put into use for your specific situation. No more guessing.

Please call for quote. 1-800-BOLLARDS (800)-265-5273

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