12″ Internal Removable Stainless Steel

Height : 36″ ( Bollards are available in custom lengths)
Pipe Diameter : 12″ Outside Diameter : 12.75″

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  • 12″ Embedment sleeve
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Internal Locking Removable Stainless Steel

1-800-BOLLARDS Internal Locking Removable Bollards are the most versatile bollards on the market today. The locking mechanism engages below grade, inside the embedment sleeve. Internal Locking Removable Bollards are nearly impossible to remove without the key which is placed waist high on the bollard for easy access. When the bollard is removed, the locking lid covers the embedment sleeve for a smooth, hazard-free transition from security to access. The heavy duty lid is robust enough to handle most traffic areas when the bollards are not in use. Many times these bollards are mixed in with our fixed bollards to create a secure perimeter with the added functionality of allowing access.

Internal Locking Removable Bollards are manufactured from Type 304 stainless steel or Type 316 for harsher environments, and the stainless steel is polished to a #4 finish for long-lasting durability.

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We can help you find the right bollard for your project

Whether your project is a traffic deterrent, high security application, or somewhere in between, our knowledgeable sales staff with over 15 years of experience can provide the right bollard for you. We can also help you design your own custom perimeter security solution.

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