6.5″ X 6.5″ Square Plastic Covers

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Height : 55″ (Bollards Cover are available in custom lengths- Please call for quote)
Weight : 8 lbs Diameter : PCSQ6055


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Plastic Bollard Covers

Proven to be long-lasting and protective, our plastic bollard covers are manufactured from 1/8” thick high-density polyethylene that provides strong intermolecular forces, enhanced tensile strength, and superior solvent resistance.

Maintenance costs and installation time are both minimal as these protective bollard covers simply slip over an existing security bollard. Enhanced appearance and increased protection are two of the reasons that our plastic bollard covers are extremely popular.

Plastic bollard covers come in sizes 10 7/8” x 60”, 8 7/8” x 72”, 7” x 60”, 7” x 72”, 4.5” x 52”, 4.5” x 64”, 4.5” x 55”, 6.5” x 6.5” x 55” Square, and Decorative 8 7/8” x 72”.

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We can help you find the right bollard for your project

Whether your project is a traffic deterrent, high security application, or somewhere in between, our knowledgeable sales staff with over 15 years of experience can provide the right bollard for you. We can also help you design your own custom perimeter security solution.

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