High Security Removable Deep Mount M30

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Height: 42″ (Bollards Cover are available in custom lengths- Please call for quote )
Pipe Diameter: 8″ Outside Diameter: 8.65″
Weight: 282lbs Wall Thickness: .500″ – Schedule : 80
Security Level: HIGH

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Deep Mount

Deep Mount High Security Bollards are an economical way to protect your property and assets with the highest level of perimeter security available.

1-800-BOLLARDS Deep Mount High Security Bollards meet the ASTM 2656 standard for high security/high impact and perimeter protection. The new ASTM rating system is as follows:

  • K12 is now M50: arrests a 15,000 lb. vehicle @ 50 mph.
  • K8 is now M40: arrests a 15,000 lb. vehicle @ 40 mph.
  • K4 is now M30: arrests a 15,000 lb. vehicle @ 30 mph.

1-800-Bollards has successfully crash tested an M30 P1 Deep Mount Bollard

We crashed a 15,000 lb. vehicle travelling 30 mph into a three bollard array resulting in a successful crash test that carries an M30 P1 designation. That is the highest rating you can get for a crash test of this type.

The test was performed at an ASTM certified facility. The test was an ASTM F2656-20 M30 P1 standard test. The P1 designation means that the vehicle penetration was less than one meter.

The crash test was performed with a removable bollard. We can also use a fixed bollard as well.

Why did we do this test?

A couple of reasons.

First, there are very few crash tested M30 deep mount bollards on the market today. The majority are “engineered” bollards. That means that an engineer designs a footing for the bollards and thinks that it would survive a crash test. No one is really sure that it will work or not.  We took that one step further. We did the actual test. No guesswork involved.

Second, the typical M30 that is the standard, which was tested by the DOS over 25 years ago, has lots of unneeded rebar and depth. It is also a 10″ diameter bollard.  Our test was with an 8″ diameter bollard which is the most requested diameter for this application.  We cut the depth by a foot and took out close to half the rebar. That means a less expensive install compared to most of the other M30 bollards on the market today. We look to save money everywhere we can. Installation is more expensive than the bollards, so to be able to cut a lot of cost out of the installation is a win for everyone.

We are extremely proud and happy to be able to market this bollard. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding the bollards and the crash test itself.

In addition to our successful crash test, we continue to improve and add products and upgrades to our website to help you in choosing the right bollard for your application.

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We can help you find the right bollard for your project

Whether your project is a traffic deterrent, high security application, or somewhere in between, our knowledgeable sales staff with over 15 years of experience can provide the right bollard for you. We can also help you design your own custom perimeter security solution.

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