3 Signs Your Strip Mall Needs Bollards

Strip malls are found around the country, with one often quite different from the next. However, these special types of malls have one thing in common: bollards. These security and safety products are ideal for most if not all strip malls, as they provide invaluable protection from wayward drivers. If your strip mall is currently bollard-free, review signs calling for these safety products.

1. The Number of Vehicular Accidents Has Increased

Since most strip mall stores typically feature large glass windows displaying different wares, the risk of vehicle damage increases. Distracted, intoxicated, and drowsy drivers can accidentally drive up onto the sidewalk and into the stores, causing the glass to shatter and inflicting serious merchandise damage. The risk of injuries to passers-by, shoppers, and store employees also increases. What’s more, there are also unscrupulous individuals who intentionally drive vehicles into glass storefronts to create distractions while their partners rob them. If your strip mall has experienced numerous vehicle accidents lately, whether intentional or accidental, it’s time to invest in bollards. High-security bollards lining the curb in front of the mall prevents drivers from driving up on the sidewalk and into the stores. These bollards can stop vehicles going up to 50 miles an hour, making them invaluable security and safety assets.

2. Outdoor Sculptures, Planters, or Other Artwork Was Recently Installed

It is not uncommon for the sidewalks in front of bollards to feature large planters filled with seasonal blooms, as well as benches and public works of art. Unfortunately, these attributes can sustain damage from distracted and other wayward drivers. High-security bollards lining the curbs in front of these installations protect them from serious harm. Using bollards also avoids expensive repairs and replacements.

3. One or Several of the Shops is Under Construction

Perhaps one or many shops along the strip mall are experiencing renovations. Portable bollards help shoppers stay out of under-construction areas, both in the stores and out. Signage can be attached, such as those saying “Please Stay Clear For Safety Purposes” and “Please Excuse Our Appearance While We Renovate.” Bold-colored bollards help shoppers and passers-by stay safe while also reducing premise liability issues. Such liability claims are often based on lacking signage and other security measures. By using bollards with or even without signage, you are protecting the strip mall from premise liability lawsuits that can result in bad press and hefty fines. Browse the bollard collections at 1800Bollards today.

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