3 Types of Security Bollards: Which Is Right for You?

Bollards are among the best site furnishings in terms of safety and security. They keep vehicles out of restricted areas, create perimeters around parking lots, protect storefronts and building entrances, maintain safe areas within warehouses, and create obvious pathways for cyclists and pedestrians. If you need security bollards for your business or organization, use the following information to make an informed decision.

Before You Browse: What Are Your Security Needs?

Before you embark on your security bollard search, it is important to determine your precise security needs. Do you need crash-resistant bollards to protect your glass storefront? Are bollards a worthwhile investment for your hospital’s ER entrance? Will bollards make it easier for warehouse employees to stay within their boundaries while operating heavy machinery? What about parking lots—will bollards create the defined lines you need to separate traffic and pedestrians?

Make a list of everything you need from your security bollards to save time browsing.

Types of Security Bollards

Baseplate-Mounted Bollards

Baseplate-mounted bollards are typically made of carbon or stainless steel and come in varying degrees of thickness. They are popular in warehouses due to their ability to protect doors and shelving from forklift damage. These bollards also do well in parking garages or any other suspended slab structure. They come in a variety of styles, including dome and flat shapes, and may be powder coated in a number of bold colors.

Deep and Shallow Mount Bollards

Deep and shallow mount bollards provide the most protection due to their ability to withstand impacts from 15,000-pound vehicles going up to 50 miles an hour. Deep mount bollards come in removable and permanent options depending on your security needs, while shallow mount models are generally removable. Shallow mount bollards work exceptionally well in urban areas because they will not interfere with pipes or other utility features. Like baseplate- mounted bollards, these options come in a range of styles and colors.

Flexible Bollards

Flexible bollards provide temporary security, such as during traffic island and curb line testing. They are bolted to the ground and immediately stand up after being run over by a vehicle to slow the collision course. Flexible bollards subsequently deter rather than stop traffic, and are usually available in black and yellow.

Remember to look for crash-rated bollards if vehicular security is at the top of your safety requirement list.

High-security, retractable, and removable bollards are some of the many products available from 1800Bollards. Find what you need today.

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