3 Uses For Bollards at Condominiums

Bollards work in a wide variety of settings, including condominiums. These often-large buildings are communities where renters and owners live and come and go, as do family and friends. To help determine if bollards are right for your condominium, review the following applications!

1. Broken Pool Steps

It is not uncommon for a condominium to have at least one pool. Whether indoors or outside, the pool steps can sustain damage or simply wear down over time. If there is a pool step/entrance area needing construction, you do not want renters or guests using it. Should they sustain injuries on the steps, the condominium will likely face a legal claim. Placing removable bollards in front of the steps and linking them with chains and caution tape makes it virtually impossible for residents and guests to use them. The bollards and related accessories show that the area is under construction and subsequently dangerous. If a guest or resident attempts to use the stairs anyway and becomes injured, they cannot file a legal claim, since the area was obviously dangerous and marked as such.

2. Pickup and Dropoff Areas

Depending on the condominium’s design, it might include a designated pickup and dropoff area in front of the main entrance. Bollards lend themselves to the entrance in different ways, such as installing permanent bollards between the entrance doors and pickup/dropoff area to prevent wayward vehicles from making contact. This is especially important if the condominium entrance features two or three large glass doors or an otherwise-mainly-glass entrance. Drivers who are intoxicated, distracted, or tired can accidentally crash into these glass fronts, possibly causing serious injuries in addition to property damage.

3. Landscaped Sections

When landscaped areas around a condominium are close to the street, the potential of damage from wayward drivers is high. Some condominiums with such areas have a greater risk of damage due to their locations, such as those next to casinos in Atlantic City, NJ. Intoxicated drivers might accidentally crash into the landscaped/hardscaped sections, resulting in property damage and injuries to anyone who happens to be working in the area or walking by. By installing permanent bollards in front of and around such sections as necessary, the risk of property damage and injuries once again decreases significantly. There are plenty of permanent bollard designs to choose from, including more decorative options that complement the landscaping and hardscaping. Find the bollards your condominiums need today at 1800Bollards.

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