3 Ways To Use Bollards At Universities

Bollards offer a fantastic variety of applications across numerous industries and organizations, including college and university campuses. Learn some of the many ways your college or university will benefit from bollard installations, all of which contribute to its beauty and security.

Promotes Parking Lot Safety

Permanent, high-security bollards are capable of withstanding vehicles crashing into them at 50 miles an hour. They subsequently work well in parking lots where cars are constantly backing in and out, navigating around pedestrians, and trying to park without issue. Use them to help define parking lot areas and prevent cars from accidentally bumping into one another. Installing them on either side of lot medians is another protective measure that helps those getting in and out of their vehicles feel and stay safe.

Keeps Pathways Secure

Bollards installed as campus pathway borders offer an additional security measure, particularly around paths near streets, outdoor areas where students gather, and parking lots. They help students feel safe and secure as they walk to and from classes and activities, especially at nighttime when driver vision is often compromised. Some bollards come with lights to illuminate pathways for even more safety and security.

Offer Property Beautification & A Creative Outlet

Bollards are not just about safety, as they also provide an opportunity for property beautification and a creative outlet for students. These versatile products offer a wide variety of color opportunities via weather-resistant powder coatings so you can provide your college or university campus with an extra pop (or two or three) of color.

Bollards also offer a form of creative expression, as many use them as art canvases. That’s right–creative minds from around the world paint bollards in a stunning variety of ways, including those made to resemble people. A beautiful assortment of patterns, designs, and shapes also make bollards worthwhile decor pieces. Your university’s art professors may ask their students to decorate bollards in different ways as part of a project, something that could be redone every year to alter the campus appearance in subtle yet engaging ways. Your school’s bollard art project could even grab the attention of local news teams.

Bollards come in numerous sizes and styles, including retractable, removable, threaded base, permanent, security, and high-security options depending on your specific applications. Find the perfect bollards for your school at 1800Bollards today and enjoy choosing from a comprehensive selection from a knowledgeable and friendly team. 1-800-265-5273 Call Today!

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