4 Benefits of Plastic Bollard Covers

Bollards come in an array of shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. And while many bollards remain uncovered, others feature plastic covers. If you’re considering plastic or stainless steel bollard covers for your current installations, learn what benefits you’ll enjoy before you start shopping.

Improved Bollard Protection

Plastic and stainless steel bollard covers protect your investments from the elements so they last longer. Acid rain, snow, and UV rays all contribute to premature deterioration and fading that leaves once-attractive bollards looking dull and damaged. Plastic bollard cover protection is arguably even more important in coastal regions because of the salt air factor. Covers shield bollards from corrosive salt air to help them last decades instead of a few years. If your covers include reflective tape, the bollards will enjoy even more protection because cars and bicyclists are less likely to bump into them.

More Style Options

Bollard covers come in a wide variety of colors and styles to match or complement your business color scheme. They allow you to experiment with different looks that attract consumer attention and help them remember your brand. Depending on the type of business or organization you operate, you could change the bollard colors every few months or annually to infuse the space with new, attention-grabbing hues.

Reduced Maintenance

Painting bollards every few months to prevent unsightly chips gets old fast, as does scraping away rust on metal bollards or dealing with vandalization-related issues. Since plastic bollard covers keep the underlying materials intact, they reduce the amount of time you spend on maintenance every year. Instead, you get to relax knowing the covers are doing their job and focus on other business tasks, such as your new marketing campaign or green roof project. Labor-related aches and pains also decrease, such as back pain from bending over bollards all day.

Greater Savings

Plastic bollard covers save money in two ways. First, they reduce if not eliminate premature bollard replacement costs because of their protective benefits. Second, they lower maintenance expenses, such as new paint and scraping tools. By keeping untimely replacement and maintenance costs down, your bollards do even more for your enterprise. The money you’ll save adds up quickly and can be used for a variety of business ventures, such as purchasing a second store or improving the look of your existing shop’s interior.
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