4 Bollard Applications at Food & Wine Festivals

Bollards offer a variety of applications that help make public spaces, work environments, town and city squares, and assorted events safer and more efficient. If you’re planning a big event such as a community food and wine festival, learn how bollards will help streamline the big day and make everyone feel safer and more comfortable. 

Bollards Mark Social Distancing Lines

Decorative plastic bollards and other removable bollard products clearly mark social distancing spaces within lines. They’re easier for older and visually-impaired people to see, unlike ground markers, especially if they’re in eye-catching colors such as bright yellow. Bollards subsequently allow festival patrons to wait safely for food and libations to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. And since bollards also make excellent sign holders, they can be used to provide social distancing and mask guidelines. 

Bollards Provide Temporary 21+ Fencing

By linking removable bollards with chains or similar material, those drinking wine and spirits stay separate from everyone else. Most festivals feature 21+ areas for consuming alcohol since doing so prevents people with open containers from leaving the events. Bollards provide attractive temporary fencing means, unlike plastic net material, so people know where to go and known not to bring their drinks outside of the designated area(s). 

Bollards Create Restroom Lines

Waiting in line for the porta-potty and portable restroom trailers is easier with removable bollards that create clear lines between each facility. Bollards help avoid confusion, which can increase as attendees’ blood alcohol level rises. Removable, chain-linked bollards subsequently help maintain orderly restroom areas. And as with other festival lines, bollards remind patrons to remain six feet apart while they wait to use restrooms. 

Bollards Offer Nighttime Illumination

If the festival is at night or starts during the day but will continue after the sun goes down, bollards once again offer assistance. Lighted bollards provide a low-cost way to add more light to the festival and can help people find their way to different booths or the parking area. Typically featuring LED lights, lighted bollards are eco-friendly in addition to cost-effective. They offer attractive and unique ways to light up food and wine festivals as the sun melts into the horizon. 

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