4 Bollard Uses In Recreational Areas

Parks, nature centers, community centers, and other recreational areas have at least one thing in common: they benefit from bollard installation. If you work as a city planner or otherwise enjoy a career in your town or city’s parks and recreation department, learn some of the many safety applications bollards provide these public spaces. Bollards come in high- security or permanent applications as well as removable and retractable options among others.

Under Construction Areas

Bollards make it clear that an area of a park or other recreational space is off-limits due to construction. Too many people make the mistake of utilizing public areas under construction or let their children try to play on equipment that is under construction when they look away for a few minutes. Bold-colored bollards send a clear message: keep out until further notice. They can even include signage detailing why the area is unsafe and when it will be usable again.

Bike Lane Designation

Dedicated bike lanes may be a staple in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and other European cities, but they have yet to take serious hold in the United States. And while more American cities are implementing bike lanes, most are still confined to public recreation spaces. Bollards create clear bike lanes in parks, natural areas, and other recreational spaces to help cyclists stay safe from vehicular traffic. They also help pedestrians stay off bike trails to limit injuries.

Parking Lot Safety

One of the most common uses for bollards concerns parking lots. They create effective perimeters to keep wayward vehicles out while also providing safe lanes for pedestrians to walk amidst drivers looking for spots or trying to get out of the lot as quickly as possible. Parking lots are notoriously dangerous for these reasons, and bollards offer a sensible solution that helps increase driver and pedestrian safety.

Private Function Designation

Parks and other recreational areas often get used as private event venues, including weddings, birthday parties, retirement celebrations, and graduation shindigs. Removable bollards section off parts of these areas for private events to ensure they stay just that–private. They help mitigate “crasher” scenarios while also making it clear where the party is located to those who haven’t been to the site before.

These are just some of the ways bollards make recreational areas safer and more efficient. Find what your public space needs today at 1800Bollards, your online bollard wholesaler.

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