4 Critical Assets That Bollards Protect

Bollards enhance safety and security in a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and residential environments. Among other applications, these products protect many critical assets that keep businesses from dealing with premature, expensive losses. Review some of the numerous assets bollards help keep safe before determining what’s best for your business. 

1. Commercial & Industrial Utilities

Use bollards to create secure perimeters around commercial or industrial utilities, such as boilers, air conditioners, water heaters, and furnaces. Maintaining clear space around these appliances helps prevent overheating issues that can cause malfunctions and even explosions. 

High-security bollards also keep heavy machinery operators from colliding with large appliances, which prevents serious injuries and property damage. And while such collisions are unlikely, they can still happen for a number of reasons, such as faulty machinery or insufficiently-trained operators. 

2. Facility Walkways

Commercial walkways containing loading docks and assorted heavy machinery benefit from retractable bollards that restrict access. Retractable bollards lower as desired to prevent drivers from using the walkways as shortcuts. They additionally prevent wayward drivers from accidentally driving or backing into the walkway, and potentially colliding with machinery, tools, other equipment, and even employees. Team members working behind high-security bollards automatically feel safer and can focus on their work instead of whether an unauthorized vehicle has entered the premises. 

3. Glass Storefronts

Bollards protect storefronts, as commercial buildings certainly fall into the critical asset category. Many storefronts feature lots of glass that can shatter and cause severe injuries and property damage from vehicle collisions. Some people even purposely drive into glass storefronts to create distractions that allow their partners to steal from the businesses. By placing high-security bollards capable of stopping several-ton vehicles in front of your store, you’re eliminating the risk of expensive, catastrophic accidents. 

4. Historic Landmarks

Town and city landmarks such as buildings, monuments, statues, and works of art celebrate the location’s history and attract tourists. Bollards contribute to historic landmark protection in various ways, such as surrounding a public sculpture. When linked with chains, bollards let tourists and residents know that climbing or touching the statue is strictly prohibited. Bollards also protect historic building corners from wayward traffic and skin oils from people touching them as they walk by. Bollards subsequently help preserve historic attractions to keep them looking fantastic for years. 

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