4 Uses For Bollards At Construction Sites

Bollards contribute to safety and functionality in many environments, including construction sites. If you are a project manager, keeping your workers safe is naturally a top priority. Review bollard applications at construction sites to help you think about what your project currently needs.

Perimeter Safety

Bollards create safe perimeters around construction sites that keep wayward drivers from accidentally hitting contractors, equipment, and the structure you are building. High-security bollards are subsequently best for this purpose, as they can stop several-ton vehicles going up to 50 miles an hour. It is best to stagger the bollards so cars and trucks cannot fit between them in the event of accidents. Your team will appreciate the extra layer of protection and will likely be more productive because they aren’t distracted by traffic.

Large Equipment Protection

Sizable equipment left on-site can become attractive nuisances that pique children’s interest. Even if your construction site is sectioned off, children can still hop fencing or find other means of entry that give them heavy-duty equipment access. Placing chain-link bollards around large pieces of equipment makes it clear they are off-limits, which reduces premise liability risks keeping your staff, construction site, and company safe.

Designated Break Areas

Removable bollards offer convenience because of their portability, including makeshift break areas. Use bollards to create break areas for your team to enjoy their lunches, as they provide bright reminders to other workers operating heavy machinery and loud tools. Bollards make it clear that staying away from the break area is important so those eating their lunches can do so without breathing in serious dust and dirt. Once again, your team will appreciate your efforts to make the site as comfortable and safe as possible.

Temporary Walkway Creation

Bollards can be used to create temporary walkways for navigating the construction site with ease. They prevent team members from walking in areas with special equipment and tools, or anywhere that is structurally unstable. Bollard-lined walkways also allow you to meander through the site checking on project progress without worrying about tripping over a piece of equipment or hurting yourself on grounds undergoing excavation. Improved site efficiency contributes to your peace of mind while simultaneously lowering your stress level. Find the bollards your construction site requires today at 1800Bollards, your premier bollards partner on the web.

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