4 Uses For Bollards at Skate Parks

Skate parks provide amateur skateboarders with hours of practice time … and plenty of chances to have fun. A common hangout for tweens, teens, and individuals in their 20s, such parks typically feature varying-sized ramps for attempting gravity-defying stunts. Like all parks, these outdoor recreational areas benefit from bollard installations. Review applications to determine what the skate park(s) in your community require.

1. Perimeter Protection

High-security, or permanent, bollards lend themselves to skate parks in busy urban areas. These parks are often near streets and therefore need protection from intoxicated, drowsy, and distracted drivers. Since high-security bollards stop vehicles from going up to 50 miles an hour, they provide the skaters with peace of mind. As a result, the skateboarders can focus exclusively on their next trick, which reduces mild to major accidents. High-security bollards should be staggered around the entire perimeter of the park to provide the maximum protective benefits. Opt for bollards in bright colors, such as bright yellow or orange, so they are extra visible to drivers.

2. ‘Under Construction’ Areas

Skate parks experience wear and tear like any other recreational area. If there are sections that need work and therefore cannot be used by skateboarders because of related hazards, use portable bollards. These security products can be chain-linked together and feature signage alerting the skaters to stay away for their own safety. By keeping these areas sectioned off, construction workers can do their jobs without worrying about colliding with skateboarders, and vice versa.

3. Kiosk Protection

Perhaps your skate park features parking kiosks or charging kiosks for phones. Surrounding these relatively fragile installations with high-security bollards protect them from wayward drivers on nearby streets. It also increases kiosk visibility to skateboarders, which avoids board-kiosk impacts that can result in expensive damages or complete replacements. Any other park installations, such as water fountains and outdoor art, also benefit from bollard protection.

4. Trick Elements

Bollard uses in skate parks extend past security purposes. They can also be used to perform various tricks, such as jumping over round bollards or skirting the top with the skateboard. While trick elements are for advanced skateboarders only, they are still necessary for any well-planned skate park. Local boarders will appreciate the addition of such elements and enjoy using them to improve the creative and artistic sides of their skateboarding.

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