4 Uses For Bollards in Restaurants

Bollards remain some of the most versatile safety and security products and come in numerous forms. If you are a restaurant owner, bollards can prove to be invaluable assets. Review some of the best uses for these products as you consider what your establishment currently needs.

1. Parking Safety

Many restaurants feature parking lots, such as those next to establishments or adjacent to them. If your restaurant includes a parking lot for your customers, consider surrounding it with permanent bollards. Also known as high-security bollards, these products are capable of stopping vehicles going up to 50 miles an hour. They provide the protection people behind the wheel and on foot need, whether they are walking to and from the parking lot, looking for parking, or exiting the lot. High-security bollards that surround parking lots protect both people and parked vehicles, which is especially essential in busy urban areas. If your parking lot is located in a bustling urban setting, permanent bollards make a welcome addition.

2. Streetside Dining Protection

Dining al fresco has become as popular in the United States as it is in Europe. During COVID-19 it was the only way to eat outside, with many restaurants taking over parts of town and city streets to set up dining areas. Portable bollards placed between the diners and the street or sidewalk helps these dining areas remain visible to drivers. Such bollards are typically bright-colored for visibility purposes. They help diners relax and enjoy their meals instead of constantly looking around for traffic.

3. Restaurant Front Protection

Perhaps your establishment features a glass front. Adding permanent bollards to the curb in front of the restaurant provides a layer of protection. They prevent wayward drivers, such as those who are intoxicated, drowsy, or distracted, from running up on the curb and possibly striking your restaurant with their vehicles. This prevents potentially-catastrophic injuries to people and your establishment. The money, time, and stress you will save yourself is hard to put a price on.

4. Loading Dock Protection

Does your restaurant include a loading dock for various food and equipment deliveries? Bollards once again prove helpful. When placed on either side of the loading dock where the dock meets the restaurant, they provide building protection. Commercial trucks backing up on the dock cannot hit the building and cause damage. Bright-colored bollards also provide helpful backing up points for drivers to follow. Find the bollards your restaurant needs today at 1800Bollards.

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