4 Ways Bollards Promote Social Distancing

COVID-19 has caused many businesses to make drastic changes, including those promoting social distancing. And while many businesses have used stickers, seals, and even sidewalk chalk to help customers maintain 6 feet of distance from each other, bollards arguably offer the better solution. Review how bollards help with social distancing, allowing businesses around the country to maintain safe premises. 

They Clearly Designate Curbside Pickup

Grocery stores and large retail chains are among the businesses that offer curbside pickup to customers who do not want to wear masks or do not wish to go inside the shops for health and safety reasons. Removable and retractable bollards provide sturdy foundations for signage, such as “Curbside Pickup Here” and similar wording. They allow drivers to easily identify where they should pick up their groceries or other products to minimize parking lot traffic, promote social distancing, and help everyone involved stay safe. 

They Provide Social Distancing Markers

Unlike many social distancing products that sustain wear quickly in a matter of days, bollards offer ongoing assistance. They allow customers in stores, at farmers’ markets, in line at food trucks, at assorted community festivals, and other locations involving lines to stay at least 6 feet apart. Removable bollards arguably offer the most benefits because they can be moved from one location to another. For example, if a farmers market moves around the city to serve different communities, removable bollards can be relocated as needed to maintain safer and more efficient markets. They also benefit from community festivals, such as creating socially- distanced lines for bathrooms and assorted booths. 

While concerts and theater shows have been shut down because of the coronavirus, many people expect them to start up again soon. Yet venues might still want to follow social distancing guidelines, especially if they are not admitting customers in at max capacity. Bollards allow excited fans to wait without crowding each other by creating 6 feet of distance between each party. 

They Help Regulate Event Gatherings

It might be some time before large gatherings are once again a regular occurrence; however, smaller, socially-distanced events have been increasing. Bollards help keep such events safe by prohibiting too many people from entering one space. They allow event organizers to stagger attendee numbers so people stay 6 feet apart and therefore safer from the spread of germs. Removable bollards once again simplify this process since they can be moved as necessary to suit event needs. 

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