5 Decorative Bollard Features

Bollards are more than security features. They enhance the look of many commercial properties thanks to a variety of decorative options. If you need bollards for property beautification purposes, familiarize yourself with three popular decorative features:


Bollards come in a range of colors, including green, beige, red, black, yellow, brown, gray, orange, and pink. These and many other variations make it possible to match your bollards to the building or overall property aesthetic without issue. Whether you want a variety of colors to decorate a college campus or community park, or prefer one hue for a cohesive effect, the powder coating options are endless.

Caps (Or Top Castings)

Caps, or top castings, are installed as separate pieces and disguise things such as bolting apparatuses and fastening rods. They are easy to secure to bollards with discreet screws and come in a variety of styles, including dome, large sphere, and rounded options. Top castings add an element of sophistication to any bollard and are often seen in front of businesses and around universities.


Fluting features on the bodies of these products create an eye-catching decorative effect that adds to the look of any bollard, whether it is used purely for decoration, for security, or any other application. Fluting looks great with any bollard color, from bright pink to classic black.


Chains are an indirect bollard element offering both practical and decorative applications. They prevent walk-through traffic in addition to creating a fluid design element ideal for numerous commercial environments, including public parks, college campuses, the fronts of retail stores, and in parking lots. Chains may be powder-coated depending on your specifications.


Even the base of bollards offers a decorative element. As with caps, decorative bases hide hardware–in this case mounting hardware–and may be casted in conjunction with the bollard body. They are wider than the bollard body to create a secure and attractive setting.

Work with us at 1-800-Bollards for bollards of the highest quality. We offer over 200 color options in addition to four cap styles. Our team will also customize your bollards however you want, as we manufacture these helpful, versatile products instead of simply selling them. That means your bollards are built exactly to your specifications for a lower price. Call us at 1-800-Bollards or 1-800-265-5273 today to learn more about what we can do for your commercial enterprise or organization.

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