5 Indoor Bollard Applications

Bollards are often thought of as outdoor products despite having numerous indoor applications. If you think using bollards might be right for your business, facility, orcomplex, take a moment to review common utilizations. All contribute to safer, more efficient premises.

1. Commercial Freezer & Refrigerator Protection

It’s not uncommon for grocery stores to feature refrigerated or freezer installations at the ends of aisles selling assorted foods and beverages. The corners of these installations are often subject to collision damage from shopper carts. And while cushioning materials can help, bollards provide the preferable solution. They prevent cart contact to avoid dented metal, cracked glass, and potentially ruined food products.

2. Parking Garage Booth Safety

When you consider the possibility of vehicular collisions, the booths in parking garages do not provide much protection for employees. Surrounding these booths with security bollards creates a protective barrier that keeps team members safe from distracted, tired and intoxicated drivers. Not only will your employees avoid injuries, but you’ll also keep the booths intact. Team members will also appreciate your dedication to their safety, which can boost productivity.

3. Airport & Mall Escalator Safety

Installing permanent bollards at the top and bottom of mall and airport escalators is something you will not regret. Bollards keep people with strollers, wheeled bags, carts, and other sizable or cumbersome items off of the escalators, which helps everyone stay safe. Bolt-down bollards additionally prevent escalator damage or damage to surrounding installations from carts that topple over the side of the moving stairs.

4. Warehouse Safety & Security

As with corner refrigeration and freezer installations in grocery stores, warehouse racks benefit from bollard protection. They keep forklift operators from making contact with shelving during tight turns, which prevents potentially thousands of dollars in damaged inventory. Bollards also create safe break areas in warehouses that protect workers from forklifts and other heavy machinery. Bollards make loading and unloading activities easier as well. They provide markers for commercial truck operators to use when they are backing into the docking area and protect the building in the event of minor

5. Utility Protection

The boilers and electrical panels in your commercial building benefit from bollard protection. If your building features furnaces instead of boilers, they need protection as well. Bollards restrict access to these utilities that can result in explosions and major injuries from improper handling by untrained workers. Find the perfect indoor bollards for your business today at 1800Bollards.

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