5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Installing Bollards

Perhaps your commercial or industrial complex will benefit from bollards, or you want to make them part of city or park planning efforts. Asking yourself a few questions prior to bollard shopping makes the decision process easier, and avoids returns and related headaches. Review the following questions:

1. What Will the Bollards Be Used For?

Think about why you need bollards to determine what type works best for your project. For example, if you require a temporary barrier that blocks off a building or park section that is under construction, removable bollards provide what you need. Conversely, if you want to stagger cars entering your complex or facility, consider purchasing retractable bollards.

High-security bollards that are crash tested and made of steel work best around parking lots, in front of parking garage booths and storefronts with glass windows, and other areas where the risk of vehicle collisions is relatively high.

2. Do I Need My Bollards Galvanized?

Let your region’s climate dictate whether you need to galvanize outdoor bollards. The zinc coating protects metal bollards from the elements, including corrosive salt air. If your business or industrial complex is near a coastline and you want to use metal bollards, schedule zinc coating services. Galvanization is also ideal if your area receives significant rain or snow.

3. Should I Purchase Lighted Bollards?

Buy lighted bollards if illumination is part of your construction or improvement plan. These bollards typically run on LED lights to avoid energy bill spikes, a benefit that also allows you to market your enterprise as eco-friendly. Lighted bollards offer numerous applications, including walkway, driveway, street, and parking lot illumination. They also help protect public works of art by discouraging vandalism.

4. What Maintenance is Involved?

Learn what maintenance is required with your selected bollards. Most products are low- maintenance and need little more than periodic cleaning to remove dirt, road dust, pollen, bird excrement, and other grime. If your bollards are painted or galvanized, you’ll need to schedule periodic touch-ups to keep them looking good. It also helps to check for loose bolts on bolted-down bollards for safety reasons.

5. What About Safety?

If safety is the most important aspect of your project, you’ll need high-security bollards. They are capable of stopping vehicles going up to 55 miles an hour to protect other drivers and pedestrians. Such bollards are particularly helpful in front of stores with large glass windows because they prevent car collisions that can result in major property damage and injuries. Find the bollards you need today at 1800Bollards.

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