5 Uses For Bollards at Festival Events

Community festivals typically offer fun for the entire family, providing opportunities to enjoy live music, sample local fare, and browse artisan-made wares among other activities. Bollards lend themselves to virtually every type of community festival, including holiday-themed gatherings. If you are busy planning a festival in your town or city, review some common uses for bollards below.

1. ‘Meet Santa’ Line Organization

Removable bollards can be staggered to create a distinct line for meeting Santa Claus. Connect them with large pieces of ribbon or anything else that’s festive; many bollards come in attractive shapes that complement “Santa’s Workshop” displays. A clear line to Santa keeps excited children from walking or running around nearby display pieces, which reduces the risks of injuries and property damage. It also helps the children stay in line instead of trying to get to Santa before their turn.

2. Petting Zoo Posts

Some community festivals include petting zoos for little children, such as those that happen at Christmas. Removable bollards create durable posts for connecting portable plastic fencing materials. The animals remain safe and secure, which provides invaluable peace of mind for you and other event organizers.

3. Wayfaring Assistance

Some removable bollards are used to hold wayfaring signage, including signs directing attendees to parking lots, portable restrooms, food and beverage areas, stages for live music, and other things. Affixing bollards with the appropriate signage prevents people from walking around looking confused and constantly asking festival workers for directions.

4. Food and Drink Lines

Lines to food and beverage trucks at festival events are not always obvious, which can create challenges for vendors and attendees alike. Removable bollards connected with chains or other linking materials create obvious lines for people to use. Such lines are especially helpful as the festival goes on and attendees become inebriated since some people are more prone to combativeness when they drink and be merry!

5. Temporary Parking Lot Creation

Removable bollards are once again handy if the festival requires more space for attendees to park, such as in nearby empty fields or lots. They can be used to create temporary parking lot perimeters, parking spaces, and walkways in the middle of said lots. As with other bollard uses at community festivals, the event becomes more orderly and organized. Are bollards what’s missing from your holiday festival shopping list? Browse our inventory at 1800Bollards today and find exactly what your community event needs.

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