5 Ways to Maintain Your Bollards

The bollards protecting your business never get a break from the elements and can sustain vehicular damage depending on their material. If you are new to bollard maintenance, let this guide assist your efforts. All of the following tips help your investments last.

1. Inspect Them Regularly For Damage

Check your bollards about once a month for damages, such as scratches and dents from vehicles, graffiti, and chipped paint if applicable. You’ll also want to inspect the bollards for loose fittings that interfere with their ability to stop wayward cars and trucks. Tighten loose fittings according to the bollard manufacturer instructions, and replace any products beyond repair to maintain safe premises.

2. Clean the Bollards Periodically

Wipe the bollards down every few weeks with clean, wet rags, or use a pressure washer if paint chipping isn’t a concern. Routine cleaning eliminates road dust, dirt, insect remains, bird excrement, pollen, and other grime that creates dull-looking bollards. Since the security products are part of your business’s exterior, regular cleaning ensures they do not detract customers, affiliates, and partners.

3. Consider Using a Zinc Primer or Protective Sleeves

Apply zinc primer to your bollards to preserve their appearance instead of galvanizing them, since galvanization does not protect against chips and scratches. Zinc primer also lasts longer than powder coatings and it doesn’t cost as much. It’s better for the environment as well, which helps you market your business as eco-friendly. If you are tired of repainting your bollards, utilize protective sleeves that easily withstand vehicle bumps and offer benefits such as ultraviolet light protection that typically lasts about five years.

4. Remove Decals With Gone Goo

Rid your bollards of assorted decals, such as those promoting various bands, businesses, and events, with Goo Gone. This product dissolves the adhesive keeping stickers in place without the risk of scratches and scrapes. Never use a putty knife or any other sharp instrument to lift decals for scratch-related reasons.

5. Think About Taking Anti-Vandalism Measures

Discourage bollard vandalism with various methods if it has become a problem. Put up warning signage saying that the area is under surveillance, install a CCTV system, or hire security personnel to patrol the grounds. Depending on the severity of the issue, you might want to employ all three methods to prevent vandalism and enjoy greater peace of mind. Visit 1800Bollards for quality bollard products.

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