Bollards & Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicle charging stations provide power for eco-minded individuals who switched from gas to electric cars and trucks. As these stations crop up more and more to accommodate the growing demand, keeping them safe from assorted damages becomes extra important. Bollards offer the safety and security measures these stations need. Take a moment to learn what benefits they provide.

The Outside Factor

Not many all-electric vehicle owners have space for charging stations within their homes or garages. Outdoor installations are NEMA-certified for outdoor use, but that doesn’t make these stations immune to harm. The vehicle owner can accidentally get too close to the station and inflict damage, as can visiting friends and family members who also have electric cars and trunks. Placing security bollards between the stations and the vehicles makes sidestepping damage easy. Such bollards are designed to withstand vehicular impacts of up to 55 miles an hour, and subsequently have no problems stopping cars going 5 miles or less. The charging stations remain intact to prevent expensive, premature replacements from vehicle-related damage.

The Visibility Factor

Charging stations typically come in neutral hues such as white, gray, and brown. They can easily blend in with their surroundings, especially if they’re next to homes featuring neutral color schemes. Adding bright-colored bollards around the stations helps them remain visible to avoid collisions. Drivers see the bollards before the stations to avoid accidentally hitting the installations because they think they are farther away than they are. Yellow bollards arguably provide the most visibility to keep charging stations safe.

The Voltage Factor

Electric charging installations usually come with 120-volt cord plugs to provide power quickly. Damaging the power station can mean injuring this cord, making it a dangerous live wire that can cause shocks if not full-blown electrocutions. Rather than facing this serious safety hazard, electric vehicle owners should invest in bollards to keep all that “juice” where it belongs: away from them. Safety is key whether the installation is outdoors or not, and helps avoid premise liability issues. Bollards subsequently reduce premise liability in the event of an accident because the threat of electrocutions gets seriously reduced if not eliminated.

Bollards cannot be overlooked when it comes to property safety. If you need these versatile products for your electric vehicle charging station, browse the selection at 1800Bollards today. As your premier bollard wholesaler, we offer many products to choose from.

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