Does Your Business Need Removeable Bollards? 4 Ways To Tell 

If your business is currently bollard-free, you might want to consider purchasing removable, retractable, bolt-down, or embedded bollards depending on what you produce, sell, or serve. Use this quick guide to determine if bollards are what your company needs to thrive. 

Sign #1: You’re Always Dealing With Traffic Flow Problems 

Traffic flow issues can happen to a variety of businesses and organizations. Maybe you oversee a hospital complex where staff members and patients’ families always seem to be missing turns, tailgating, or not knowing where to go. Perhaps you are on the board of a public park that receives regular foot and bike traffic complaints due to the lack of designated pathways. Other traffic flow problems can involve escalators and people trying to haul wheeled carts or strollers onto the moving stairs, resulting in untimely damage. Whatever your traffic management issues are, the right type of bollard, such as retractable and bolted-down versions, can easily solve them. 

Sign #2: You Need a Better Way to Section Off Special Events

If your business frequently hosts outdoor events but has trouble keeping uninvited guests away, removable bollards offer the solution to your conundrum. They make it clear each event
is private so only those attending are within party borders. Bollards can also be used as signage posts that tell guests where to go and let others know the party is for invitees exclusively. 

Sign #3: You’re Tired of Dealing With Large Appliance Damage

When your business includes aisle-facing refrigerators and freezers, they can sustain dings, dents, scratches, and glass damage from shopping carts, motorized scooters, and large pieces of cleaning equipment. If it seems like there’s a new ding or scratch every day, get bolt-down stainless steel bollards installed at the appliances’ corners. They protect freezers and refrigerators from further damage so you don’t have to spend more money on repairs or deal with premature replacement costs. 

Sign #4: Your Employees Have Complained About Safety Issues 

Warehouses and factories can present safety hazards to team members. An employee who loses control of a forklift or pallet jack, for example, could injury other employees taking their lunch breaks. Rather than dealing with worker’s compensation insurance claims on a regular basis, use bollards to section off areas for employees to eat and rest. Bolt-down and embedded bollards can also be used to protect heavy equipment and shelving from machinery damage.  Find the ideal bollards for your business today at 1800Bollards.

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