Does Your Warehouse Need Bollards? 4 Telltale Signs

High-quality bollards offer a range of applications, including those that service warehouse personnel well. If your warehouse is currently free of these safety products, review these four telltale signs indicating it is time to go bollard shopping:

Too Many Worker Accidents & Near-Misses

Bollards provide high-traffic warehouse areas with the protection pedestrian workers need. Lines of bollards or bollard fencing create clear boundaries between workers on foot and those operating heavy machinery such as forklifts and similar vehicles. If your employees have sustained injuries from a lack of “fencing” or frequently speak of near misses with forklifts and other heavy machinery, it is time to install security or high-security bollards in all major warehouse traffic areas.

Frequent Product & Shelving Damage

Forklifts and related heavy machinery can not only seriously harm pedestrian workers and anyone else who happens to be in range, but they can also inflict severe product and shelving damage. Even experienced forklift operators can have accidents that cause products to fall from shelves and compromise the integrity of the shelves themselves. As with worker injuries, too many of these types of accidents are extremely costly. Bollards provide the protection shelves and the inventory they feature need to keep your costs down.

No Safe, Secure Break Areas

Another reason your warehouses may require bollards is to create safe and secure break areas. Your employees put long hours in every day and need to relax during their break/lunchtimes without worrying about a forklift operator being unable to see them or a similar incident occurring. Bollards define break areas to prevent heavy machinery-related accidents. Forklift operators cannot always see oncoming traffic, so having high-security bollards is a great way to maintain a safe work environment.

Building Perimeter Damage

Installing security bollards around the perimeter of your warehouse is an excellent idea if heavy machinery damage is a continuous problem. High-traffic areas are common around warehouses, and damage to the building can occur at any time. Bollards protect building walls, high bay doors, and loading ramps among other things to help you minimize repair costs. Additionally, installing bollards at the end of your loading dock(s) helps prevent unauthorized unloading. The best high security bollards are designed to withstand the impact of vehicles weighing up to 15,000 pounds that are going more than 50 miles per hour.

Make your warehouse a safe, secure workspace by contacting 1800Bollards today to discuss bollard options.

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