How Bollards Help Control Traffic

Traffic control becomes necessary in a wide variety of situations to maintain safe, efficient areas and environments. And while there are traffic lights and signs to help control the flow of traffic, there are instances where bollards provide essential help. Review times when bollards offer traffic management to keep roads and premises secure.

Highway Construction Work

Drivers have to go slowly through highway construction zones to help workers remain safe and to avoid collisions with equipment. Those blinking signs saying “Road Work Ahead” let drivers know to slow down, as do bollards. Bright-colored removable bollards lining the street create barriers between traffic and road workers to help them stay extra safe on the job. These safety and security products improve visibility so drivers can see the line between the work and the road clearly, and subsequently keep their distance. Workers undoubtedly feel extra safe when bollards are part of the job site, which also helps them feel taken care of and appreciated.

Pickup and Dropoff Zones

The pickup and dropoff areas in front of shopping centers and schools become cluttered with traffic quickly, which increases the risk of accidents. Drivers are looking for their children, employees carrying their groceries and other purchases, or are dropping off friends and family members. They are thus sometimes distracted and can end up hitting pedestrians and other cars. Adding retractable or removable bollards to these areas separates pickup and dropoff zones, helps stagger traffic flow, and otherwise contributes to more efficient, safer premises.

Community Event Assistance

Farmers’ markets, festivals, arts and craft fairs, and other community events often include setting up in the street. Food trucks and other vendors are therefore at risk of collisions with wayward drivers who aren’t paying close attention, whether looking for places to park or doing anything else, such as trying to find a friend they need to pick up. By adding bollards to streets featuring community event vendors or equipment, you’ll remind drivers to slow down. The bollards can be added or subtracted to the roads as necessary or used to create barriers between the vendors and the rest of the road. They can also be used both ways to improve event safety. If bollards are what’s missing from your upcoming community or roadwork project, or you require them for your school or store, visit 1800Bollards today. As your premier bollard wholesaler, we offer a variety of quality products, including removable, retractable, and permanent security options.

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