How Bollards Help National Historic Sites & Parks

Bollards help protect people, buildings, specific areas such as loading docks, and public works of art. They also benefit historic sites, such as those found in national parks. Here, learn about the services bollards provide national parks to keep them beautifully preserved.

They Close Areas Under Construction

National parks frequently have areas under construction due to preservation efforts and beautification projects. Removable bollards, such as those linked together with chains or holding up signage, make it clear these areas are off-limits. People who enter under construction areas in national parks risk damage to irreplaceable items and landmarks, something bollards easily prevent. They make it clear that entering these areas carries serious repercussions, including large fines and park bans.

They Keep Vehicular Traffic Away From Hiking Trails

Many people visit national parks to enjoy miles of pristine hiking trails. Some of these trails are close to roads within the park or adjacent highways, decreasing their safety. High-security bollards create barriers between hiking trails and roads, which increases their visibility to drivers. They also physically stop drivers from entering the trails since high-security bollards are designed to withstand the impact of several-ton vehicles.

They Protect Especially Sensitive Sites

Some park areas require extra protection since human contact can cause serious destruction. Skin oils on an ancient structure, for example, contribute to its deterioration. Bollards linked with sturdy chains keep these areas prohibited to visitors so they remain in excellent condition for years of enjoyment.

They Help Direct Traffic

Not all national parks are immediately visible from the road or offer paved surfaces for driving. Chaco Canyon National Historical Park between Albuquerque and Farmington in New Mexico, for example, features a dirt road stretching for several miles before visitors reach the park. It lacks signage and can confuse first-time visitors who may wonder if they are still going the right way. Removable bollards with signage offer a cost-effective solution to this problem by providing drivers with the reassurance they need.

They Protect Park Attendants

Attendants who collect park fees and scan park passes frequently sit in small booths on entrance roads. They are vulnerable to drivers who may not be paying attention as they scramble for money or are trying to find their maps to ask questions. Bollards create a protective barrier around these small buildings to keep attendants safe.

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