How Bollards Improve Zoo Safety & Security

Bollards lend themselves to a wide variety of commercial premises, including zoos. They help maintain safe, secure grounds, which allows zoo-goers to enjoy themselves all the more. Review how bollards enhance zoo security and safety as you consider what yours needs.

They Keep People Out of Areas Under Construction

Zoo habitats require construction every so often and are therefore off-limits to attendees. Closing the entrance to these habitats with removable bollards and using related signage, such as “Habitat Under Construction–Keep Out!” makes it clear to stay away. This avoids liability lawsuits as well. For example, if a habitat is under construction but does not feature any signage and a customer gets hurt, they can file a premise liability lawsuit against the zoo. Such suits create bad press, in addition to being costly. By using bollards as necessary in this way, the zoo limits premise liability issues and the problems that follow. Removable bollards are also helpful in the event of a big spill or similar issue, as they can be used to contain the slippery area.

They Contribute to Safer Parking Lots

Zoo parking lots are often, well, zoo-like. People are constantly looking for parking spots or leaving, and that’s in addition to those on foot wandering around. Surrounding all
parking lots with high-security, or permanent, bollards help keep drivers and pedestrians safe from exterior wayward drivers. This is especially essential if the zoo is located in an urban area and near city streets. Surrounding the medians in these lots with permanent bollards is another safety measure, as it allows people on foot to walk safely to and from their parking spaces.

They Help Maintain Safe Sidewalks Around the Zoo

The sidewalks surrounding zoos are often bustling areas. Since many zoo-goers are tourists, it is not uncommon for these individuals to stop on the sidewalks to check directions or ensure they are near the entrance they want. If the sidewalks are next to busy streets, such as those around the Philadelphia Zoo in Philadelphia, PA, the risk of wayward driver-related accidents increases. Lining these sidewalks with high-security bollards prevents driver-pedestrian contact. Such bollards have the power to stop drivers going up to 50 miles an hour. Attendees will feel better as they walk to and from their parking spaces or need to stop and check their zoo guides for any reason. Find the bollards your zoo requires today at 1800Bollards.

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