How Bollards Make Racing Events Safer

As exciting as racing events are for drivers and attendees alike, they are not without hazards. Driver accidents can, unfortunately, occur at any time, resulting in injuries to those behind the wheel, fellow participants, and even attendees and raceway employees depending on the type of collision. Bollards provide the additional layer of protection these events need to reduce injuries as well as property damages. Read on to learn how these versatile safety products increase racing event security.

They Make Sharp Corners Obvious

Most racetracks feature several sharp corners that drivers can take too quickly and find themselves spinning out of control. Racing officials use bollards to identify these corners to drivers to help them make smart, split-second decisions. They also use them on any other raceway sections that present dangers for safer tracks overall. And since the bollards are designed to break upon impact, they limit damage to race cars.

They Protect Pit Crews

Pit crews work hard and fast…and near the racetrack. Adding bollards to the areas pit crews wait in helps them stay safe in the event of a wayward vehicle going over 100 miles an hour. Bright bollard colors keep these areas obvious while also creating barriers between cars and people.

They Provide Traffic Control When Necessary

Racing events are frequently attended by thousands of fans, which can make managing their entry a challenge. Bollards allow employees to stagger traffic and subsequently avoid collisions from overly-eager attendees. They can also include signage letting fans know how close they are to the entrance or where to park as lots fill up.

They Protect The Racetrack Exterior

As with sports stadiums, the roads surrounding racetracks become high-traffic areas on event days. People come and go, drop others off and pick them up, and ask for directions, all of which can create busy, dangerous areas. Adding bollards to the perimeter of racetracks helps keep traffic where it belongs–on the sidewalk–to increase both driver and pedestrian safety.

They Protect Ticket Booth Workers

Racetrack parking lots featuring workers in small ticket booth enclosures become sitting ducks vulnerable to drivers looking for spots and trying to leave. Several strategically-placed bollards around these booths give workers the peace of mind they need to do their jobs. They also help protect the booths themselves from premature damage.

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