How Bollards Protect Toll Booth Workers

Bollards promote safety in a wide variety of locations, including hospitals, stadiums, warehouses, banks, and parking lots, among many others. High-security bollards arguably offer the most protection because they can stop several-ton vehicles going up to 55 miles an hour to keep pedestrians and other drivers safe. These bollards also promote toll booth safety by protecting employees. Take a moment to learn how.

Creates A Barrier Between The Worker’s Booth & Drivers

Toll booth employees work on the street–literally. Their booths stretch across sections of highway and provide enough space for each employee to sit and move around as he or she collects fares. These booths feature openings on one or both sides depending on the construction, leaving employees extraordinarily close to traffic. 

High-security bollards provide the protective solution these workers need to stay safe on the job. Bollards surround the booths to create effective barriers so employees can do their jobs without seriously worrying about their safety. And since drivers don’t always pay close attention as they approach toll booths because they are frantically searching for their fares, the protection bollards provide is often invaluable. 

Bollards also protect the areas surrounding each booth, such as the signs saying the toll has been paid. Drivers can inflict hundreds if not thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to these signs without the protection of bollards. 

Keeps Workers Safe During Their Breaks

Yet another way high-security bollards help toll booth workers stay safe on the job is by protecting their rest areas. Trailers are often set up on the sides of toll booth highways to provide spaces for employees to eat their lunches and enjoy breaks from whizzing cars. Installing high-security bollards in front of these trailers provides protection from wayward drivers. They contribute to peace of mind because workers don’t have to worry about the trailer becoming the endpoint for a drunk or distracted driver. And since most toll booth workers will tell you that drunk drivers are on the road all times of day or night, the extra protection bollards provide is essential. 

Tells Drivers To Slow Down

The traffic bollards surrounding toll booths are often bright yellow to tell oncoming drivers to slow down. Too many people enter and exit toll booths quickly, a problem eye-catching bollards mitigates. 

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