How Do Bollards Benefit Libraries?

Libraries are not the first institutions most people think about when they hear the word “bollard,” yet bollards provide numerous applications in these settings. If you manage a library or are otherwise part of the design/planning process, learn what bollards can do to add safety and order to library property. These affordable products contribute significantly to the mproperty’s safety and functionality. 

Special Event Sectioning

Most libraries hold special events throughout the year, such as book sales and charity events. mThey also provide settings for weddings and other private affairs. While event guest numbers are limited right now due to COVID-19 restrictions, it’s still important to think about future events. Removable bollards linked with chains or other materials make it clear an affair is private and not part of the public library circuit. If your library does hold socially-distanced- minded events, removable bollards help stagger guest entrances and remind people to stay mat least 6 feet away from one another. 

Parking Lot Safety

Depending on the library’s location, the parking lot might connect to a busy street or is otherwise close to high traffic areas. High-security bollards are capable of stopping vehicles weighing up to 15,000 pounds which helps keep parking lots safer from outside traffic. Drivers can lose control of their vehicles for various reasons, including excess alcohol intake, carelessness, and aggressive operation. No matter why a driver loses control, high-security bollards keep the vehicle away from pedestrians and parked cars. Also, library employees and attendees subsequently feel safer as they walk through the lot(s) because they know they are protected from wayward traffic. 

Illuminated Pathways

Many libraries feature paved pathways and garden areas, such as the Durango Public Library in Durango, CO. Lighted bollards keep such areas illuminated as day turns to night to maintain safe premises. Individuals who enjoy evening walks easily see what’s ahead to avoid trip and fall injuries, and get to view the gardens no matter how dark it gets. Lighted areas also deter individuals who would vandalize the library and grounds, or attempt to mug those walking through the premises. And since lighted bollards feature LED lights, illumination costs stay reasonable and the public building’s carbon footprint lowers. Bollards also help reduce premise liability issues because the grounds remain well-lit. 

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