How Lighted Bollards Improve Safety and Security

Bollards come in many forms, including removable, permanent/high security, lighted, and retractable. And while all bollards help improve safety and security, lighted bollards are among the best products of their kind for maintaining safe, secure premises. Review ways to use lighted bollards in various public settings to provide people with extra peace of mind.

Illuminated Walkways

Lighted bollards make attractive walkway borders that keep sidewalks and other paths illuminated as day turns to night. They lend themselves to college campuses, public parks, business pathways, and everywhere else that could use extra light. Not only do lighted bollards help protect people from tripping and falling over upheaved concrete, assorted static objects such as discarded lumber pieces and other trash, and sidewalk dips, they keep unscrupulous individuals away. Most intruders, vandals, and other individuals with bad intentions prefer to “work” in the cover of darkness and stay away from well-lit areas. By adding bollards to public and commercial walkways, you are helping the population remain unharmed. People can walk to their vehicles, dormitories, homes, and other destinations feeling considerably safer than they would on a dark path.

Lit-Up Entrances

Overhead lights and motion sensor lights keep public and private entrances illuminated, as do lighted bollards. Installing them on either side of an entrance enhances safety and security further, which is especially helpful if the other lights malfunction for any reason. Lighted bollards are typically outfitted with LED bulbs, which last tens of thousands of hours before they need replacing. And because LEDs do not emit heat the way their fluorescent and incandescent counterparts do, you won’t have to worry about the bulbs overheating and becoming fire hazards. Intruders and other unscrupulous individuals generally stay far away from well-lit entrances, since the light makes it clear what they are doing. Lighted bollards subsequently lend themselves to most entrance types, including residential front door areas, business entrances, public building entrances, and beyond.

Illuminated Kiosk Areas

Parking and electric vehicle kiosks benefit from lighted bollards, as these safety and security products allow people to see without scrambling for their phones. They help drivers feel safe as they plug in their vehicles or use their credit cards to get tickets. The illumination also keeps muggers and similar individuals away. Lighted bollards can be used to illuminate any type of outdoor kiosk, as well as those in public parking garages. These often-sizable garages can become intimidating at night, despite sporadic lights. Installing lighted bollards at kiosk areas provides more protection for those using these garages. Browse lighted bollard options today at 1800Bollards.

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