How Removable Bollards Enhance Beach Events

Removable bollards offer a wide variety of applications that contribute to safer, more organized, and secure premises. Among these applications are at beach events, as removable bollards provide help in several ways. Check out what removable bollards can do for beach events to assist your planning efforts.

Private Event Designation

Not all beach events are public! Weddings, birthday celebrations, and plenty of other private parties happen on beaches, making it important to keep them that way. Attractive removable bollards linked with chains, thick ribbons, or other materials make it clear that the event is only for invited guests. This helps take the pressure off the event organizers, as they won’t have to worry about party crashers nearly as much. Instead, they get to focus on helping to create and enjoy memorable experiences.

Race Starting & Finish Lines

Beach races of all kinds which typically host people from all different places are popular events during the summer months. Whether the race is a stand-alone occurrence or part of a larger event, removable bollards make excellent starting and finish line markers. They are typically bright-colored and easy to see, which is especially helpful to participants with weaker eyesight. Removable bollards can also be used to mark various points in the race, such as “Mile One”, “Mile Three,” “Mile Five,” etc.

Signage Posts

Removable bollards can be used as signage posts that direct people to assorted event areas. For example, a removable bollard can feature an attached sign that designates food and drink areas or provides directions to restroom trailers. Again, the bright colors these bollards often feature help them stand out to event attendees so they know where to go.

Temporary Beach Paths

Perhaps the beach in question features a seasonal bar. Removable bollards can be used to create paths from the boardwalk or promenade to the bar, which helps avoid people wandering off across the dunes. Since most beach dunes are protected and therefore not to be walked on, removable bollards provide an important environmental service. They make it extra-clear where the path is and that people should stay on the path to preserve delicate beach vegetation. Additionally, a few of the bollards on the path can include fun and informative signage. These are just some of the ways removable bollards contribute to more fun and efficient beach events! If you have a sun-and-surf event coming up, browse the removable bollards at 1800Bollards today.

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