How to Select the Right Removable Bollard

Bollards come in many different forms, including removable versions you can transport to different locations as needed. If you are leaning towards removable bollards for your commercial or industrial enterprise but are unsure which will offer the most benefits, use this guide to help you make the informed decision that will be right for you.

Internal Locking Bollards

These removable bollards might be transferable, but they feature underground locking mechanisms and embedment sleeves that eliminate tampering issues. These bollards are easy to remove by quarter-turning the locking mechanism and typically come in carbon and stainless steel options. Carbon steel bollards offer powder-coating possibilities that enhance their appearance and protect against the elements. Stainless steel removable bollards withstand the elements without powder coatings. 

Use internal locking bollards if you’re concerned about them being moved without your permission, or worse, stolen. Consider powder-coated carbon steel options if the bollards will be used indoors or outdoors in a relatively mild environment. Powder-coated bollards can also be painted to match or complement your business’s color scheme. If you plan to use the bollards outdoors in a harsh environment, opt for durable, classic-looking stainless steel products. 

Padlock Bollards

Padlock removable bollards also come in carbon and stainless steel options. They feature embedment sleeves that lock into lid latches, securing the bollards in place. Padlock bollards arguably take more time to remove than internal locking versions, which can prove challenging if you need to move them several times a day. However, if you plan to keep the bollards where they are for the foreseeable future, opt for padlock versions. 

Again, consider the location and climate before selecting carbon steel or stainless steel removable bollards. 

Common Removable Bollard Applications

Removable bollards lend themselves to a variety of commercial and industrial scenarios. They are often used on access roads to restrict highway access for construction-related reasons. These bollards also do well at farmers’ markets and community festivals because they keep lines organized and create temporary parking lot areas. Removable bollards additionally work well on utility walkways because they keep drivers from using the roads as shortcuts. 

Other uses for removable bollards include outdoor events such as festivals, weddings, auctions, and charitable events. They create sectioned areas for guests, as well as temporary parking lots. In terms of creating guest-only areas, removable bollards do best when they’re linked together with chains.  Find what you are looking for by browsing removable bollard options today at 1800Bollards.

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