More Of The Most Unique Bollards Around The World

Bollards offer a number of outstanding applications and come in seemingly-innumerable shapes, sizes, and colors. In addition to their roles in traffic, pedestrian, and building safety, bollards improve the look of outdoor spaces all over the world including college campuses, medical complexes, and assorted urban downtown areas. Discover a few more of the most interesting bollards from around the globe to inspire your next hardscaping project.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The architecture in Las Vegas has to be some of the most unusual in the United States, especially when you consider the relatively small size of the city. This gambling and party destination features a variety of bollards among other installations, including those that tower above city streets and splay out to protect pedestrians stopping for a quick break from the desert heat. Steel bollards were also installed along the famous strip in 2017 to protect cars and pedestrians, as people reportedly have the habit of walking in the street while in Sin City.

Valencia, Spain

Adding colorful, crocheted sleeves to bollards has increased in popularity over the last few years, including in Valencia, Spain. Meander down a quiet city street and you may see a “sleeve” designed to fit the bollard design perfectly while the other bollards remain sleeveless. One crocheted sleeve only creates a dramatic effect the artist was no doubt going for.


In 2010, a French street artist got in the charming habit of turning bollards into one-eyed monsters. These monsters ranged in color and style just like the bollards themselves, resulting in even more interesting walks down many streets in France. Bollards as street or graffiti art canvases can be seen in cities all over the world.

Bristol, England

Giant pencil stubs were used as bollards in Bristol, England. They were all blue with silver “hardware” and the classic light-pink erasers and were part of a large public art project going on at the time. Other artists have created similar bollards, such as wooden models designed to look like large colored pencils in a park.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

In Rotterdam, you might still find bollards looking like large pastel M&Ms emerging from the sidewalk. While not the traditional bollard shape, they still help control traffic to keep both drivers and pedestrians safe.

These are just some of the most unique bollards around the world! What are your favorites?

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