Scary Storefront Crash Statistics & How Bollards Help

The idea of a vehicle crashing into a storefront may seem like a somewhat abstract concept or something out of the movies, but it is, unfortunately, a real problem. And while plenty of these crashes are accidental, some are on purpose. Purposeful crashes by thieves create distractions while their partners raid the store for cash and valuables. Learn some of the shocking statistics surrounding these crashes and how bollards help you prevent them.

The Daily Average

According to the Storefront Safety Council, cars crash through storefronts an average of 60 times per day across the United States. These crashes injure over 4,000 individuals per year, including shoppers, pedestrians, and drivers. They result in nearly 500 fatalities every year.

The Leading Causes

The leading cause of these terrifying crashes? “Operator error.” Drivers, or operators, crash into storefronts because of distractions such as looking at their phones among many other reasons that result in serious if not fatal injuries. Other reasons for storefront crashes include pedal errors, such as hitting the gas instead of the brake, driving under the influence, traffic accidents such as those causing other drivers to swerve out of the way, and medical-related accidents. And while all of these crashes are categorized as accidental, there are still unscrupulous drivers who hit storefronts intentionally for theft purposes.

The Cost

Not only do these crashes cause serious injuries, but they are also very expensive. The Storefront Safety Council notes some $100 million was paid to storefront crash claims in 2015 and 2016 alone. Retail stores are the most common sites for the crashes, followed by restaurants, convenience stores, commercial buildings, and offices. More importantly, they can happen anywhere regardless of the time of day.

How Bollards Help

Bollards arguably provide the most effective solutions to storefront crashes. High-security bollards withstand impacts from 15,000-ton vehicles going up to 50 miles an hour to keep stores and the people in them safe. They also deter thieves and contribute to the overall safety of the premises. Bollard spacing depends on your business storefront’s square footage and factors such as local traffic rates. High-security bollards are always best because they have completed the ASTM F3016 low speed crash testing system. At 1800Bollards, we have bollards that are rated to stop a 5000 lb. vehicle traveling 10, 20 and 30 mph. These bollards were made specifically for this reason – storefront crashes.. They are also known as permanent bollards because once installed they require professional services to remove, unlike other bollard options.

Get the high-security bollards your business needs to stay safe at 1800Bollards today.

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