What Bollards Do I Need to Finish a Park Design?

Designing a park requires many considerations to preserve green space and create a recreational area people of all ages will love. Bollards can play pivotal roles in park planning efforts, but which ones suit the outdoor spaces best? If you’re in the midst of a park design project, review some of the best bollards for streamlining the process. 

High-Security Bollards

Crash-rated high-security bollards withstand impacts from vehicles weighing up to 15,000 pounds, making them ideal for parking lots. If your outdoor spaces feature one or more lots next to busy streets, crash-tested bollards become planning essentials. They prevent intoxicated, reckless, and careless drivers from making contact with people, parked vehicles, and those looking for parking spots. 

Parking lots are notoriously dangerous due to pedestrian and vehicle traffic, so adding high- security bollards increases safety considerably. You might also want to install the bollards to median areas in parking lots to provide people with safer pedestrian spaces.

Removable Bollards

When park construction happens for whatever reason, such as repairing a broken paved walking path, removable bollards offer assistance. They let park-goers know what areas are temporarily off-limits to prevent injuries and premise liability suits. By placing bollards in front of restricted areas under construction, area residents cannot sue for any injuries they sustain. Even if the bollards do not include warning signs, they still let park-goers know that entering the restricted area poses risks. Any injuries they sustain subsequently do not fall under premise liability guidelines. 

Lighted Bollards

Illumination is key to park safety and security. Lights keep walking paths, biking paths, and other recreational spaces illuminated during the sun’s daily setting to help area residents feel safe. Lighted bollards save money and energy by relying on eco-friendly LED lights to help offset illumination costs. They also provide attractive ways to light up the park. Any tripping hazards become easier to see, and any unscrupulous characters are more likely to stay away. 

Retractable Bollards

If you’re considering gated entryways but would rather not use expensive fencing, retractable bollards provide a cost-effective alternative. They retract as necessary to stagger entrance activities, which offers additional benefits in light of COVID-19 social distancing. By using retractable bollards to slow entrance progressions, you’re doing your part to maintain a safe park for everyone in your community. 

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