Why Bollards Are a Building Entrance Must

Bollards are among the most versatile security products, as they come in various forms and apply to a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. Among the best uses for bollards is nin front of building entrances. Learn what makes these security products so invaluable to building entrances if you are a business owner or manager.

Protects the Doors & Front of the Building

Installing bollards in front of a building’s entrance area protects the entire space from wayward vehicles. Unfortunately, drivers who are intoxicated, distracted, or tired are on the road any time of day or night, potentially contributing to serious injuries and property damage. If the entrance features a large amount of glass, it can shatter and cause significant repairs. By adding permanent security bollards to your building’s entrance, you are preventing drivers from running up on the sidewalk and driving into the commercial space helping to alleviate safety concerns and property damage.

Other building damages can also occur that are challenging to fix, such as missing chunks of concrete or broken facade features. If the building in question is old and part of the city’s historical attractions, protecting the exterior features becomes extra essential. It preserves a part of history, something replacement projects do not quite measure up to.

Helps Keep Customers or Patients Safe

People coming and going from your commercial building want to feel safe. Bollards create barriers between consumers and vehicles, as crash-tested permanent security bollards are capable of stopping cars going up to 30 miles per hour.

Bollards also provide entrance protection at hospitals when patients are getting picked up and dropped off at all hours of the day. It is increasingly common for these drop-off areas to be designed without curbs, allowing vehicles to easily drive all the way into the hospital making these areas very unsafe for injured and ill patients as well as their families or friends. The stress and trauma of nearly getting hit by a car do nothing for anyone’s physical, emotional, or mental health, and installing bollards can easily help mitigate this for everyone involved. Whether you oversee a hospital, stadium, retail shop, grocery store, or any other establishment with a large entrance, bollards are key to exterior safety.

Some businesses even customize their bollards to match or complement the building’s color scheme or landscaping, such as the round, red bollards in front of all Target stores. For a comprehensive range of bollard options, visit 1800Bollards today. Your premier online partner for bollards, our site offers a wide variety of options to suit a variety of needs, including lighted, permanent security, and removable bollards.

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