Why Bollards Are Civic Center Must-Haves

Bollards are among the most versatile safety and security products around, offering seemingly endless applications in a wide variety of situations. Civic centers such as city halls, police stations, and parks are some of the grounds benefiting from bollards, as they provide extra layers of security and other benefits. Take a minute to learn why bollards are must-haves for civic centers around the country.

Prevent Malicious Attacks

Sadly, civic centers of all kinds can be targets for attacks. Those who use their vehicles as tools for inflicting damage at these centers are easily stopped by crash-tested bollards. Such bollards can bring vehicles going up to 50 miles an hour to a halt, preventing them from causing serious if not fatal injuries to employees, individuals passing by, and anyone else around the center in question. Crash-tested bollards also protect the civic center and surrounding property, such as trees, large planters, benches, and tables.

By surrounding a civic center with crash-tested bollards, it is possible to avoid catastrophic injuries and property damage. These bollards subsequently help prevent bad press, legal claims, and thousands of dollars in repairs. Additionally, crash-tested bollards can be installed near the buildings themselves to protect against vehicular damage. This is especially essential if the building is historically significant.

Stop/Deter Cars As Needed

In addition to crash-tested bollards, removable bollards lend themselves to civic centers. They can be arranged in innumerable ways to stop or deter traffic as necessary. For example, say an event at a civic center draws a large crowd, one so big that people spill out into the street. Placing removable bollards in the street makes it clear the area is temporarily off-limits to drivers.

If the civic center grounds are populated for any other reason, such as for a speech by a well-known politician or a performance by a renowned musician, removable bollards can be used to deter oncoming traffic and maintain event safety and security.

Provide Peace of Mind

The peace of mind bollards provide civic center employees, passers-by, and other individuals around the grounds is priceless. These individuals can walk by and work behind the protection of crash-tested bollards and therefore, stress less. Constantly checking surrounding traffic while trying to work or complete a project is mentally and emotionally taxing, and does not contribute to quality results. Bollards help workers do their jobs correctly and efficiently. Find the bollards you need today at 1800Bollards.

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