Why Every School Needs Bollards

Maintaining safe school grounds is an essential, ongoing concern for administrators, teachers, other staff, and parents. One of the many ways to keep schools safe and secure is with bollards. These versatile security and safety products provide numerous applications at schools; review some of their best uses below.

Safer Parking Lots

Parking lots are notoriously dangerous due to drivers looking for parking, people on foot, and drivers trying to park within the lines. If your school’s parking lot is located in a busy urban area or any area where there is more traffic, high-security bollards are important additions. Also known as permanent bollards, these security products can stop vehicles going up to 50 miles an hour. Surrounding any parking lot with high- security bollards keeps wayward drivers from hitting parked cars, children, parents, teachers, and anyone else present. They create strong barriers that help everyone in the lots feel safer.

Safer Pickup/Dropoff Locations

Bustling pickup and dropoff areas are common components of school grounds. Since these areas are usually congested and hectic, adding removable bollards to pickup/dropoff areas is recommended. They can be staggered and moved about as needed to streamline pickups and dropoffs, which helps prevent parents from driving where they shouldn’t and possibly causing accidents. Instead, everyone knows where to go and when to wait, creating more peaceful and stress-free operations.

Safer Playgrounds

There are many facets to creating a safe school playground, such as adding plastic or rubberized covers to sharp edges, ensuring the ground is covered by rubber flooring or mulch, and using bollards. Any school playground that is near a town or city street should be surrounded as necessary by permanent bollards. They keep distracted and drowsy drivers from accidentally driving up on the sidewalk and into the playground, which can result in serious property damage and catastrophic injuries. Children get to play and enjoy themselves without worrying about nearby traffic, and teachers do not have to constantly look over at the street when their focus should be on the kids.

Safer Sidewalks

Adding permanent bollards to sidewalk curbs around the school makes the premises even safer because again, cars cannot go where they never should. Children, parents, teachers, and other staff can walk up and down the streets feeling safer and more secure due to the barriers high-security bollards provide. Find the bollards your school needs today at 1800Bollards, your premier bollard partner on the web.

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