Why Flexible Bollards Are The Future Of Bike Lanes

Designated bike lanes are among the ingenious ideas supporting the environment because they encourage people to forgo their vehicles which emit noxious fumes. Unfortunately, bike lanes do not protect cyclists from drivers who aren’t paying attention or swerving to miss another car or wild animal. Bollards provide the solution bike enthusiasts need to decrease the number of cars on the road and subsequently the number of fossil fuels entering the atmosphere. Take a moment to learn why they are the future of U.S. bike lanes. 

Separate Bike Lanes Are The Preference

Research published in the Journal of Urban, Planning, and Transport Research indicates what cyclists prefer most: dedicated bike lanes. These lanes prevent them from weaving through traffic and decease their risk of accidents. According to the research, 74% of active and 77% of non-active cyclists say their decision to ride is based almost exclusively on “continuous bike lanes / trails.” Those who use dedicated bike lanes felt 2.62 times safer than those who had to contend with traffic. 

Dedicated Lanes Alone Are Not Enough

Despite the clear preference for separate bike lanes, they alone are not enough to protect cyclists from wayward vehicles. While bike lanes are the norm in European cities such as Copenhagen and Amsterdam that subsequently feature far less vehicular traffic, American cities are simply “not there yet.” Traffic clogs city streets throughout the country and continues to worsen in metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly Love is seeing more and more New Yorkers who can’t afford their rents move in, resulting in serious traffic increases. 

Bollards Provide The Perfect Solution

Bollards offer the solution cyclists need to stay safe from traffic and do their part to lower air pollution. Flexible bollards creating barriers between bike and vehicle traffic lanes make it clear that drivers should stay away. If a driver does veer into the bike lane, the bollard will help stop the vehicle without causing any serious damage. Bollards give cyclists enough time to react so they can safely move out of the way. 

These versatile products also provide peace of mind cyclists want because they feel extra protected on the road. This can inspire others to choose two wheels over four, resulting in less traffic and cleaner air. Flexible bollards are among the many styles available from 1800Bollards, your premier online bollard wholesaler.

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