Month: September 2019

Bollards: A Brief History

The versatility of bollards is no secret, as these products apply to a wide variety of settings and scenarios including bike lane, parking lot, and stadium complex protection to name a few. And while bollard…

How Bollards Protect Toll Booth Workers

Bollards promote safety in a wide variety of locations, including hospitals, stadiums, warehouses, banks, and parking lots, among many others. High-security bollards arguably offer the most protection because they can stop several-ton vehicles going up…

Why Flexible Bollards Are The Future Of Bike Lanes

Designated bike lanes are among the ingenious ideas supporting the environment because they encourage people to forgo their vehicles which emit noxious fumes. Unfortunately, bike lanes do not protect cyclists from drivers who aren’t paying…

Where Are Bollards Best Used In Parks?

Among the innumerable applications bollards offer is their use in local, state, and national parks. High-security, flexible, and retractable bollards all lend themselves to park use to keep drivers and pedestrians as safe as possible.…

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