Where Are Bollards Best Used In Parks?

Among the innumerable applications bollards offer is their use in local, state, and national parks. High-security, flexible, and retractable bollards all lend themselves to park use to keep drivers and pedestrians as safe as possible. Whether you are in charge of safety and landscape planning for a park or simply want to learn how these versatile products enhance these public spaces, take a moment to broaden your bollard horizons. 


Retractable bollards help parks regulate the amount of traffic coming in at once while also ensuring all drivers pay the fee, if applicable. Bollards installed at entrance booth areas that lower into the ground upon fee payment make certain no one simply drives through. They help drivers stay where they should instead of inching closer to the vehicle in front of them and possibly causing a traffic pile-up before they even enter the park. This is especially important for parks that see serious visitor numbers every year, such as well-known national parks. 

Parking Lots

High-security bollards help keep the parking lots in assorted parks safe by protecting those on foot. Parking lots are notoriously busy and dangerous because people are constantly coming and going, looking for spots, or trying to leave before traffic gets severe. Adding permanent bollards to the middle sections of parking lots provides people entering and leaving the lot with somewhere safe to walk. Bollards also benefit parking lot perimeters by keeping cars within the space instead of potentially hitting nearby hikers. Parking lots near trails are excellent candidates for perimeter protection. 


Lighter-weight, flexible bollards that are easy to install and remove clearly mark trail entrances. They can also be used as markers that tell hikers how many miles they’ve walked or display maps of the park with “you are here” stickers. It’s unfortunately too easy for hikers to get lost in large parks, something bollards help reduce. They provide welcome sights for hikers who aren’t sure where they are or what trail they need to take. 

Off-Limits Areas

Yet another way bollards benefit parks of all sizes and types is by designating off-limits areas. Whether a trail is undergoing construction or unsafe for any other reason such as flooding or unstable trees, bollards let hikers know to stay out. And since flexible bollards are easy to move from one location to another, they can be placed wherever your park needs them most. Find the perfect bollards for your park at 1800Bollards today.

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