Month: February 2021

Why Bollard Covers Are Ideal For Marinas

If you own or manage a marina, there’s plenty of maintenance tasks to take care of every day, such as repairing floating dock boards or keeping up with container plant watering and fertilizing. There’s also…

What Bollards Do I Need to Finish a Park Design?

Designing a park requires many considerations to preserve green space and create a recreational area people of all ages will love. Bollards can play pivotal roles in park planning efforts, but which ones suit the…

How Do Bollards Benefit Libraries?

Libraries are not the first institutions most people think about when they hear the word “bollard,” yet bollards provide numerous applications in these settings. If you manage a library or are otherwise part of the…

4 Uses For Bollards in Parking Garages

Whether you operate a public parking garage or one that’s part of a residential complex, bollards provide invaluable services. They contribute to both functionality and safety, which reduces premise liability lawsuits and related headaches. Take…

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