4 Uses For Bollards in Parking Garages

Whether you operate a public parking garage or one that’s part of a residential complex, bollards provide invaluable services. They contribute to both functionality and safety, which reduces premise liability lawsuits and related headaches. Take a moment to learn how bollards improve parking garages as you consider your specific needs. 

Entryway Assistance

Both public and private parking garages typically rely on key cards to prevent unlawful access. Retractable bollards ensure only those with key cards enter and exit the garage by lowering upon card insertion at the connected entrance box. The bollards will not budge if someone tries to enter the facility without a key card to keep unscrupulous individuals from parking there illegally. They also help stagger garage access so the facility does not fill up too quickly therefore decreasing the risk of accidents from distracted drivers trying to find parking. 

Fender Protection

Adding bollards to lot slips offers protection for car fenders. It’s not uncommon for even the most talented driver to make contact with a parking lot wall and/or garage bumpers that can scrape the car’s fender and possibly cause undercarriage damage. Using bollards instead of bumpers provides clear focal points for drivers as they park to minimize the damage risk. Bollards are much easier to see than bumpers, and drivers will appreciate the extra protection. High-security bollards typically work best because they withstand vehicular impacts easily. 

Restricted Access

When parking garage sections require repair, bollards once again provide assistance. Removable bollards make it easy to restrict access for repair work to prevent injuries and vehicle damage. Add signage to the bollards if you want for further user information, or link them with chains so drivers know to stay out. No parking garage user who bypasses the bollards while walking or driving and sustains physical harm can make a personal injury claim.

By ignoring the bollards and any related signage, they waive their rights to a premise liability suit. 

Employee Protection

If your parking garage features employees in small booths who take tickets or other forms of payment, bollards once again provide essential safety benefits. By surrounding these enclosures with base plate bollards or high-security bollards, they remain safe from wayward drivers. Employees will feel greater peace of mind when they are at work because they know intoxicated, careless, or reckless drivers cannot crash into their booths. Purchase bollards for your parking garage today at 1800Bollards.

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