Why Bollard Covers Are Ideal For Marinas

If you own or manage a marina, there’s plenty of maintenance tasks to take care of every day, such as repairing floating dock boards or keeping up with container plant watering and fertilizing. There’s also the wooden boat dock pilings to consider. These pilings separate boat slips and provide impact points for operators taking their boats in and out of the marina. Since bringing a boat back into a marina can prove especially challenging due to weather changes such as high winds, pilings wear out quickly. Quality plastic bollard covers provide the ideal solution – learn why here. 

They Preserve the Underlying Wood

Thick plastic bollard covers provide invaluable protection for wooden dock pilings. They withstand the brunt of vessel impacts without sustaining cracks or chips that degrade the material prematurely. The dock pilings subsequently remain intact for significantly longer than they would without the bollard covers, which prevents having to purchase new pilings prematurely. You’ll have more funds to distribute elsewhere in the marina, such as replacing a failing breakwater (the partially-submerged wall) between the marina and the river or ocean. 

They Contribute to a Clean, Seamless Marina Look

Plastic bollard covers come in several colors to enhance the look of your marina. They create a cleaner look that appeals to individuals considering your marina for boat dockage. Revenue could potentially increase as more boaters “move in” to the marina and tell their friends and family about how visually-pleasing it is. Positive press about the marina will likely increase as well due to the enhancements of its appearance. 

They Prevent Injuries

It’s not uncommon for boaters to touch wooden dock pilings as they navigate in and out of their slips. The wood can cause painful splinters, especially as the pilings wear out and start to split or crack. Sharp edges can also cause cuts that upset boaters and might cause them to complain. Plastic bollard covers provide smooth surfaces for boaters to touch without the risk mof injuries, which makes docking a more pleasant experience. 

They Improve Visibility

Bollard covers often come in bright hues, such as vivid yellow, to increase visibility. By adding such bollard covers to your marina, boaters will have an easier time leaving and coming back at all hours of the day. Marina navigation safety will improve, and slip entries and exits will become even easier. The boaters will thank you! 
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