4 Uses For Bollards at Convenience Stores

If you are a convenience store owner, maintaining safe, organized, secure premises is naturally an ongoing priority. Bollards are among the many products that help you do just that every day. Review some of the top uses for bollards in and around convenience stores as you consider what’s right for your enterprise.

1. Storefront Protection

Many glass storefronts enjoy protection from permanent, or high-security, bollards. These bollards are typically placed along sidewalk curbs to prevent intoxicated, drowsy, and distracted drivers from accidentally driving into the storefronts and causing injuries and property damage. They also prevent “smash and grab” robberies where a driver intentionally crashes into a glass storefront while their partners take whatever they can amidst the chaos. High-security bollards are subsequently invaluable convenience store protection products.

2. Wet Floor Assistance

Spills of all kinds can happen in convenience stores, such as an employee accidentally spilling a cleaning product or a customer accidentally dropping a glass beverage bottle. Using removable bollards to surround the spill makes it clear the area is dangerous and should be avoided. The bollards can be used alone or in conjunction with ‘Wet Floor’ signs to sidestep premise liability issues. A wet floor that is not marked off until it is cleaned is a hazard that can cause major slip-and-fall injuries. Rather than dealing with premise liability or workman’s comp issues in addition to bad press, keep removable bollards on hand.

3. Refrigerator Protection

Depending on the size of your convenience store, you might provide shopping carts for customers. As welcome as such carts often are, customers can accidentally bang them into store refrigerator and freezer corners, causing chips, nicks, cracks, and other damage. By placing removable bollards in front of the freezer and fridge corners, you create barriers that avoid premature damage. Your store will look better overall and you won’t have to worry about untimely appliance replacements.

4. Parking Lot Protection

Perhaps your convenience store includes a customer and employee parking lot. If this lot is in a busy area of town, surrounding it with permanent bollards is a must. It keeps wayward drivers, such as those who are intoxicated or tired, from unintentionally driving up into the parking lot and possibly hitting parked cars. They also avoid potentially catastrophic injuries for invaluable peace of mind. What type of bollards does your convenience store need? Browse our selection at 1800Bollards, your premier bollard partner on the web.

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