Month: April 2021

4 Uses For Bollards in Playgrounds

Bollards enhance safety in public and commercial spaces, including those meant for children. They contribute to safer public and school playgrounds in numerous ways, allowing parents and teachers to feel less stressed while kids run…

4 Ways Bollards Promote Social Distancing

COVID-19 has caused many businesses to make drastic changes, including those promoting social distancing. And while many businesses have used stickers, seals, and even sidewalk chalk to help customers maintain 6 feet of distance from…

Should You Paint or Powder-Coat You Bollards?

Both paint and powder coating chemicals improve the look of bollards, allowing you to enhance the look of your commercial property. Whether you select matching or complementary hues, you’ll need to decide between paint and…

The Importance of Bollards at Gas Stations

Bollards make a wide variety of public and commercial spaces safer, including gas stations. Optimal protection is essential for such stations due to the presence of combustible gas and other toxic chemicals that can cause…

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