Month: November 2018

Bollards: A Brief History

The short vertical posts known as bollards enjoy an interesting history in addition to a variety of practical applications. Take a moment to learn a little about how bollards came into existence before deciding which…

Residential Building Bollard Use: Does Your Multi-Family Property Need It?

Bollards are mainly known for their traffic control uses, such as permanent bollards surrounding parking lots or removable ones used to indicate highway construction. Yet bollards can be just as helpful in residential settings, particularly…

Removable Vs Permanent Bollards: Which Is Right For Your Business/Organization?

Bollards‘ numerous applications lend themselves to a variety of commercial and industrial settings. Deciding what type of bollard works best for your specific business or organization depends on several factors, such as safety and property…

Installing Bollards In Asphalt: What You Need To Know

Whether you want to install bollards in asphalt for safety or aesthetic purposes, or both, there are some important things you need to know first. Asphalt is a black, viscous liquid form of petroleum commonly…

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