How Bollards Help Community Performance Events

Bollards lend themselves to a wide variety of events, including community performance events. Whether the event in question is a play, musical, live music performance, or anything else, it can benefit greatly from bollard usage. Review a few ideas for using bollards at community performance events below.

Offer Wayfaring Help

Removable bollards with attached signage provide clear wayfaring assistance to attendees, such as directions to restroom trailers, food and beverage trucks, parking, and the event itself. The bollards help the signs rise high above the crowds to limit confusion among guests. Use as many removable bollards as your event needs to ensure everyone knows where to go. Your event will be more organized and easy for attendees to get around.

Keep the Crowds Back

Placing removable bollards linked with chains or other applicable materials keeps the crowd back from the stage. This gives security personnel, stagehands, and anyone else working at the event space to move and make adjustments as needed. Having bollards in place also makes it less likely for unruly attendees to “bum-rush” the stage, which reduces the risk of serious injuries and event-related property damage. Additionally, those working between the stage and the crowd will feel more secure and have an easier time focusing on their work.

Provide Temporary Parking Areas

If your performance event calls for extra parking, removable bollards once again provide help. They create temporary parking area perimeters that can be used within the space, such as to define parking slots. Consider attaching signage to some of the bollards, such as those along the temporary lot entrance, to make it clear where to park.

Artist Rest Areas

Chain-linked removable bollards can be used to create rest areas for the artists. Make them as large or small as the event allows so the performers can take a few minutes for themselves without worrying about speaking to anyone or accommodating fans. Add benches or chairs to these rest areas along with tables for refreshments, if desired. The performers at your event will appreciate the effort and will probably be more likely to perform in your town or city again. You can also use removable bollards to create separate meet-and-greet areas for performers and their fans. Again, make them as large or small as you like so everyone is comfortable. Find the bollards your community event needs today at 1800Bollards.

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