Month: July 2018

Bollards By Material: The Pros & Cons Of Each

Bollards come in a range of materials to help you choose what works best for your business or organization. Use the following guide to make an informed decision based on what you need your bollards…

How Bollards Improve Hospital Safety

Permanent bollards, also known as safety bollards, provide a wide variety of businesses and organizations with the extra security they need. This security extends to hospitals, all of which greatly benefit from bollard installation. If…

How To Prepare Bollards For Extreme Weather

Whether the bollards on your commercial property are permanent or retractable, they need a little TLC before extreme weather sets in. Snow, sleet, salt, rain, and UV rays are among the many elements taking a…

Why Bold Colors Are A Bollard Safety Essential

Bollards come in many forms, including retractable and permanent, as well as in a rainbow of colors. While black or other dark-hued bollards add sleek sophistication to any university campus or similar area, it is…

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